Parading on Lake Constance

DEZENT on show in Friedrichshafen

In the middle of May the whole of the tuning community turned its attention towards Lake Constance. This is because even in its eighth year lots of innovations and spectacular accessories attracted expectant fans to the Tuning World Bodensee in Friedrichshafen. It goes without saying that AEZ and it partner brands DOTZ and DEZENT were also present with a sensational stand in the Zeppelin city - in total over 100,000 amazed spectators once again made the pilgrimage to the brand-new exhibition halls.

The central focus was on the cult and scene brand DOTZ. It was on show in 9x18, for example, on the martial Tupac wheel. Likewise the boys from the Dotz drift team, who also did the honours in Friedrichshafen, profit from the new width. The limited-edition Tupac shaft also made an impressive appearance: it gave the rare show car, a Nissan Silvia, a particularly sporty and classy touch. With the pearl version of the Freeride peak a radiant innovation for the autumn was also on show. A special eye-catcher was provided by the now almost obligatory Dotz girl Daniela Moro. Fully in line with the custom finish program for customising alloys, body-painting legend Peter Riedel decorated two of his girls again this year.

AEZ and DEZENT also had a few new creations up their sleeve. The AirBlade itself attracted attention thanks to its colour contrast and the Yacht impressively underlined how AEZ’s involvement in the RC44 sailing cup is reflected in its latest products. DEZENT also induced the odd price-conscious guest to visit its eye-catching stand, as with the cool RG dark, RI dark and L dark three fashionable wheels were at the forefront of the stand. The large crowds once again showed that the wheels of AEZ Leichtmetallräder GmbH are particularly well liked by the public.