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Right on track for the car of tomorrow
DEZENT takes a contented look back at the 81st Motorshow Geneva

A real crowd-puller: around 750.000 visitors flocked to the Motorshow Geneva in 2011. This figure is four times the population of the Swiss metropolis and boasts an increase of six per cent in comparison to the previous year. The stand of AEZ, DEZENT and DOTZ, located within its Swiss importer Erny in Hall 7, met with a great response.

It was clear that the large numbers of people had not come to pay their last respects to the “relic” car, but instead to catch a glimpse of how the design engineers will meet the challenges of the future and keep alive the fascination that surrounds cars since they have been invented. Manufacturers and developers are not short of suitable answers on four wheels, although their chosen approaches differed widely. The hotbed of technology, Rinspeed, presented an electric-powered beach buggy, BamBoo, whose specially developed AEZ wheels would also look great on other vehicles. Mini is choosing to shrink down to its former size with its Rocketman concept car and Volkswagen has resurrected the soul of the classic Bulli, while Ferrari has given birth to the “father friendly” FF and Pagani presents the Huayra, a sports car that many will love but only a few will be able to pronounce.

DEZENT brought the RL dark into play and once again proved that it’s possible to buy classy alloy rims even on a moderate budget. In amongst all of this splendour, you can’t help but be glad that the automobile visionaries of the 1960s got it wrong, otherwise we’d now be zooming around the world in wheelless jet-powered cars.