Plenty of new stuff in the 3rd dimension

• Overall improved functions
• Automated vehicle selection via ID of certificate of registration
• Recommendation filter – 100 % technically approved
• Car-specific wheels filter• Photo-realistic quality of vehicle display
• Enhanced wishlist function
• Far beyond 1000 car models in 3D available for selection

With a new, simplified menu and readily understood recommendation filters, ALCAR presents itself with a comprehensive FACELIFT of the ALCAR 3D rim configurator ahead of the winter season. In doing so, visually and technically, ALCAR has given priority to the experiences of many users in the past few years. Marvel yourself through the new mobile rim wardrobe featuring far beyond 1000 car models in highly realistic 3D display.

Innovative 3D rim configurator

The attention to detail of the 360-degree vehicle display in the ALCAR 3D rim configurator has been further improved for the latest car models.

For the first time, the extensive selection of ALCAR rims can be viewed in photo-realistic quality on the desired car.

Combined with a completely refurbished interface, which shows users all information on the selection of rim, tyres and tyre pressure monitoring sensors at a glance in a highly appealing manner, users can now get a new, future-oriented configurator experience.


Determine your car

An automated car selection function with country-specific identification numbers, such as for example in Germany and Austria a code from the certificate of registration, instantly take car aficionados to the most interesting menu point – the rim selection.

Users are able to turn the selected car in a 360-degree angle freely around its own axis in order to view it with the different rim models.

The green thumb

In an effort to simplify a highly complex subject the configurator has been equipped with a green RECOMMENDED filter.

This way, the selection is 100 % technically approved, requires no body works and fits perfectly on the respective car.

In addition, the configurator shows the technically matching tyres with the respective certificates (VTA, ECE).

If users desire something more extravagant, combined with modifications on the car, they can do so by simply adjusting the certificate filter function settings.


Car-specific wheels filter

Car-specific wheels are rims that have been developed especially for a selected car.

When using these rims, no centring rings are required for installations. In most cases the car-mounted original fixtures and hub caps of manufacturers can be used.

Detailed information is given under the product details of the respective selected wheels in the 3D configurator.

ALCAR keeps in mind. The user shares.

Thanks to the overhauled wishlist function users can save their own configurations following the initial browsing period with just one click, and retrieve them again in future visits.
What’s it gonna be – silvery or jet-black rims? The “share” function is a quick way to ask for a second opinion, for example from family members or friends.

Compatible tyre pressure monitoring sensors (TPMS)

Tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) are in-built vehicle systems for the continuous monitoring of tyre pressure.
If a pressure loss occurs in one or several tyres, the system informs the driver directly on a display in the car’s interior.
For many years, ALCAR has been conducting intensive research on TPMS sensors, in the new configurator additionally offering a 100 % technically approved recommendation for the sensors matching the respective car.

CONCLUSION: a technically approved design overall packages – 360 degrees

As a result, users get a full overview on the matching rims, tyres and sensors. The plethora of data does not come at the expense of quality.
The software experts computed 52 images per car so that realism and smoothness of display have no equal.
On top of that, ALCAR manages to impress with a qualitatively photo-realistic display down to the last detail and 100 % technically approved data.

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