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Dominance for the compact class
Whether it is a VW Polo, Skoda Fabia, Peugeot 207, Toyota Aurius, Ford Focus or Opel Astra: Today, small and compact offer full satisfaction of drivers’ needs. Thus, it is time to knock off understatement as far as alloy wheels are concerned. The new DEZENT RL dark is an attractive wheel you can really be proud of. These two-tone scene-stealers play masterfully with the contrast between the polished exterior surfaces and the black-varnished background. And that’s how they claim the limelight from exclusive designer wheels at a reasonable price. In its dimensions, DEZENT has opted for 15, 16 and 17 inch, taking a sensible line with regards to driving comfort.  

The DEZENT RL dark fuses unobtrusive elegance and complexity

Polished and black-varnished structures are set at different levels and vary in their form. This design measure increases suspense in the eye of the viewer and creates contrast. The polished sections of the rim flange and the braces, for instance, are both straight and filigree. This provides the RL dark with a mark of unique dynamism and gives it the impression of being a size larger due to the optical effect. The dark, lacquered elements of the new DEZENT rims score points with voluminous and impressive structures. One example is the central area, where the designer chose the classic form of a five-pointed star. The outermost polished surface, taking the shape of a slick circle, contrasts with this star shape. However, in its entirety the wheel does not appear frivolous and makes an impression that is as dignified as it is elegant.