just after leaping into the new year, let’s take a look back on the beginning of 2018.


A year full of innovation and emotion

In spring, DEZENT launched the “Spring My Ride” campaign. In ten steps, car owners were able to learn about useful life-hacks for the spring clean to ensure that slush, snow and salt leave no marks and that the year 2018 was off to a glamorous start.

Gems there were a few

Amongst them the DEZENT TY, a classic timeless all-round rim that is applicably in a variety of ways, irrespective of 4 or 5-hole attachment from 15 to 18 inch. Like all our rims, the TY has a VTA for a number of car models.
A highlight was in stall also for bigger road companions – the Dezent Van.With its sporty five-spoke design and a load of up to 1,350 kg, the DEZENT Van is a strong partner for light trucks and van models of various types.

Diverse and innovative

DEZENT rims not only fit on almost every car, they also move with the times, and therefore they can be found as a partner in e-mobility as well.
Amongst Europe’s newly registered top passenger cars in 2018, such as the VW e-Golf, the Kia Soul electric or the Renault Zoe, the DEZENT light alloy rims are especially popular.


Mobility on Europe’s roads

When somebody goes places – in this case digital nomad Birgit Wagner – we strongly advise taking DEZENT along.
Birgit has matched her profession to fit her passion – traveling. Being a freelancer is, of course, an advantage and the fact that she only requires a laptop and a stable WIFI connection. Even in the year 2018, this proved not all that easy. But that’s another story.

There was plenty to write and chuckle about, marvel at and feel for – all of which can be looked up in Birgit’s travel diary. Her journey led her along the Spanish and Portuguese coast to Lisbon, then towards Galicia across the Pyrenees and South France before she headed back to Austria. Her loyal companions: a Skoda Roomster, modified to serve as a small home on four wheels, and the DEZENT TX graphite which provided some eye candy.

Farewell summer – welcome winter

Back from summer vacations, temperatures start to drop in Austria, bringing back frost on the roads. So as not to be taken by surprise by the cold season, DEZENT started to prep customers in autumn by launching the “Ready For Winter” campaign.
In particular the new regulation, with the keyword being “Alpine” symbol, should now be known to everyone because in future all winter tyres must bear the three-peak mountain snowflake pictogram.

Another essential – the annual Advent calendar

The year 2018 is coming to an end with plenty of great gifts.
Behind every door hides a highlight that sweetens the Christmas and New Year’s wait.

A highlight at the end ...

or more precisely, for a new beginning, because the year 2019 brings along the DEZENT TZ-C, promising approval-free riding pleasure, especially for BMW owners. The double spoke rim is an allrounder thanks to ECE approval, SR3 paint and an expressive design.