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Original centre caps from manufacturersare a perfect fit for DEZENT rims.

Considered by many an unimportant accessory, the onlooker will notice its absence – that of the centre cap or wheel hub cap. If it’s present, the overall look of a rim results in a harmonious interplay of surfaces and edges as well as recesses and elevations.

If missing, every rim’s absolute centre, which is also the centre visual focus, reveals an opening that offers a rather unattractive view of a wheel hub. Moreover, the centre cap prevents water and dirt from entering the hub area.

The design of centre caps offers an almost unlimited range of possibilities. Only the diameter and possibly the height are predetermined by the respective wheel. In most cases the dimensions vary from a diameter of 50 to 75mm. Deciding which size fits which rim depends on the manufacturer. For DEZENT light alloy rims this size is determined by the decision for which car models the respective wheel is to be fit technically.

A word on OE centre caps
In the development of new rim designs manufacturers place special emphasis on the use of original centre caps, which results in a perfect alternative to more expensive original rims, and you can simply incorporate your desired brands in the look and feel.
Everything at a glance. 100% technically verified.
The DEZENT 3D wheel configurator is the digital basis for everyone looking for the right rims.
On top of that, the rim wardrobe offers all information for matching tyres, centre caps, installation accessories, TPM sensors and anti-theft devices. This way, you can keep an eye on everything – at a glance!

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Standard dimensions of original centre caps for DEZENT wheels:
Size of the original centre caps of BMW/Mini models: 57 mm bzw. 68 mm
Size of the original centre caps of Mercedes models: 74 mm
Size of the original centre caps of Audi models: 60 mm
Size of the original centre caps of Volvo models: 64 mm
Size of the original centre caps of Peugeot/Citroen models: 60 mm
Size of the original centre caps of Alfa Romeo models: 60 mm