Review of the year 2019

Before entering the year 2020, together with the new DEZENT wheels, let’s look back at an eventful year 2019.

In the limelight

The major spotlight in the year 2019 fell on the DEZENT TZ in the colours black diamond cut, graphite matte and classic silver. The wheel impresses with its sporty elegance due to the five double spokes and a high load capacity of up to 810 kg. Needless to say, it comes with ECE registration and can therefore be used in various and simple ways. From A such as in Audi up to Volkswagen, the DEZENT TZ is an elegant and technically sophisticated companion.
Content 1 DEZENT new rims Volvo TZ
Content 2 DEZENT Van


In the hotter months, even DEZENT became partial to vacations, introducing a rim for all camping fans – the DEZENT VAN. Be it a camper or multi-van, vacationing in a mobile home has never been this popular. The DEZENT VAN offers maximum stability and safety, carrying vacation vehicles up to 1,350 kg effortlessly to their destinations.

Winter rim 2019/20

When the temperatures started to drop DEZENT focused on the winter rim models, especially the DEZENT TA silver. Thanks to SR3 paint this rim is perfectly equipped for the cold season, with its edgy, robust and dynamic design adapting to the modern looks of SUVs. No matter what car brand you go for, thanks to car-specific wheels you can continue to use original fixtures and hub caps. A glance at the DEZENT rim wardrobe pays off.

DEZENT TA silver on Volvo XC40

The end of year is coming closer…

And DEZENT is already thinking about cold snowy winter days. Compact and mid-range car owners may consider themselves lucky as they will be breezing through winter despite frost and sludge thanks to DEZENT TW. The design is reminiscent of a turbine, with a powerfully and restless running wheel which may be fitted according to the choice of colour in classic silver or striking glossy black.

Here’s what winners look like!

At the 2019 Essen Motor Show the DEZENT team managed to bag the highly coveted “Best Brand” trophy in the “rim” category.

Before DEZENT enters the year 2020, the team expresses its thanks with the DEZENT Advent calendar which promises an impressive prize every single day. With these impressions, the DEZENT team would like to say thank you and wishes Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We look forward to a successful year 2020!