Playfully into the future:
the DEZENT AO meets the KIA EV6

There is no doubt that post-fossil mobility is gaining traction, calling into action not only the car industry. DEZENT has also committed to the trend in various ways. On the one hand, by having technicians tackle the battery-induced higher payloads. And on the other hand, by encouraging DEZENT designers to experiment with new design ideas that will also have a visual impact on the new way of moving into the future sustainably and environmentally-friendly.

Futuristic design and high payloads
With a payload of 810kg per rim, the DEZENT AO is the perfect example for a wheel that can easily manage all electric cars (BEVs) and plug-in hybrids. However, the rim’s kicker is its special look. The futuristic design with surprising, playful details celebrates both an environmentally-conscious and stylish way of life, which makes it the optimal companion for BEVs, such as the KIA EV6.

800-volt technology in the mid-range: the KIA EV6

The sportier brother of the Hyundai Ioniq 5 is clearly a very special car because it relies on the revolutionary 800-volt technology which is used, for example, also by Porsche in its Taycan. The advantage of the double voltage – normally BEVs operate on 400 volt – is clearly the high charging power and, as a result, the short charging time. The 240-kW charging power enables the EV6 to charge its battery from ten to 80 percent in 18 minutes.


Younger generation rejects petrol and diesel cars

While older car drivers often stick to what they know, this does not apply to today’s 18 to 39-year-olds. A study by the Deutsche Zukunftsinstitut says that while combustion engine cars are being rejected, cars in general are not. More than 50 percent of the above-mentioned age group own at least one car which, however, has to allow for an environmentally-friendly lifestyle, i.e. young buyers opt almost exclusively for BEVs.

Good design – from head to toe – is important, also for e-cars

What has not changed: Young buyers also pay close attention to the design of a car. The icing on the cake, the distinguishing feature, can be a special rim, such as the DEZENT AO available in the design variations dark and black. Owing to its special, highly distinct Aero design, not only its three-dimensionality becomes a design characteristic of its own. The DEZENT AO’s refined interior draws attention, accentuating even rather inconspicuously designed cars. The DEZENT AO is available in 19 and 20 inches, and can be fitted to many car models free-of-registration thanks to ECE fitment. In the pictures, the KIA EV6 is equipped with the DEZENT AO in the dimension 8x20 inches and tyres in the 245/45/20 format.


Generous space, simple handling, and dynamic acceleration: the KIA EV6
The KIA EV6 boasts various talents, for example, the sportive acceleration of the 229-hp strong rear-wheel drive that achieves 100km/h after 7.3 seconds and top speeds of maximum 185km/h. With its generous space, the EV6 offers passengers and luggage plenty of room and convinces with well-conceived and simple handling. A wide range of assist and safety systems are in-built. Which DEZENT design is the best match for your car? You can find out in a few clicks in the DEZENT rim configurator.