Clear-cut design with cult potential: the FIAT 500e and the DEZENT TN

No doubt, the Fiat 500 is a cultural artifact. The most recent interpretation of the 50s design classic has gone electric while preserving the spirit of its loveable ancestor, not only in terms of looks. With the DEZENT TN silver, the 500e meets a wheel that features a compact centre section and eight straight spokes which, at a first glance, makes for a classic-sporty appearance. It’s only on second sight that the four V elements, which spread out from the eight struts, reveal themselves, creating an elegant twist that enhances the DEZENT TN’s distinctly sculptural feel to perfection. With a load-bearing capacity of up to 630kg per unit, this wheel not only is an ideal partner for electric minis, such as the Fiat 500e, which carry a heavy battery, but for all mini SUVs. The DEZENT TN is available in 14 to 17 inches.

Born to be a city car

Traditionally, the Fiat 500 is a sleek, short city car with plenty of charm. Today, the ‘Cinquecento’, which is being built in the popular design since 1957, is a full-fledged e-car with two battery versions. It’s available with a 23.8 and 42kWh battery that can cover distances of roughly 200 to roughly 300km. However, measuring 3.6 metre in length, the petite Italian reaches its full potential in city traffic. Here, the astonishingly quiet Fiat, which boasts very steady acceleration, is in its element, cheerfully navigating through heavy traffic. In short: Driving the Fiat 500 requires a slightly more Italian approach to driving cars. Acceleration is powerful, with 118hp being enough to reach 100km/h in 9 seconds, and top speed is at 150km/h.

DEZENT TN silver Fiat 500e

Made with love

What sets the Fiat 500e apart from its competitors is a great love. No, not the love of Italians for design, but the love for small details. For example, the acoustic refinements, ranging from the nice tune that plays at start-up to the title melody of Fellini’s ‘Amarcord’ which is sounded at speeds below 20km/h to alert pedestrians. Now, that’s pretty charming. The plastics used in the 500e, which is available as a convertible, three-door and a 3+1-door, look premium, the interior space feels cozy. For the seat covers Fiat has opted to use recycled materials.


The 500e has a standard CCS connector for rapid charging which does an 80% top-up in just under half an hour. The small car is also available for recuperation which can be set to three different driving modes. In normal mode, the least amount of energy returns to the battery when drivers lay off the accelerator pedal. In range mode, you can drive using only the accelerator pedal, with the 500e braking to a halt. The modest but slow ‘Sherpa Mode’ is the last means if you’re just miles from home.The look of the iconic Italian car clearly harmonises perfectly with the DEZENT TN silver which is available exclusively as a 4-hole fitment. Our photo shows the rims in the dimension 6.5x17 inches and tyres in the size 205/45 R17. In the classic silver finish, it’s a terrific match for all car paints, and with ECE approval it can be fitted free-of-registration not only on the Fiat 500e.
A peek into the DEZENT rim configurator offers more rims and combinations and also the opportunity for a quick check on whether the desired rim matches the car.

DEZENT TN silver Fiat 500e