Design-strong duo
The DEZENT TV meets the BMW iX electric SUV

The DEZENT TV double-spoked rim is an expressive multi-talent and the perfect partner for large and heavy rides such as plug-in hybrids and e-cars. Exceedingly well-proportioned, this rim makes for an elegant overall look that screams premium quality, which becomes even more obvious when paired up with the impressive BMW iX.

Modern powerhouse

SUVs are more popular than ever: With the iX, BMW is offering a highly representative model that rides emission-free, thanks to its electric engine, and depending on the variation, it boasts an enormous battery capacity of up to 111.5kWh. Some models can drive up to 633 kilometres. And even though the iX weighs a whopping two and a half tons, the most powerful iX M60 version accelerates from 0 to 100 in 3.8 seconds.

Supreme on-the-road communication

The moment you set your eyes on it, this electric SUV oozes luxury and impresses in terms of range, space, performance as well as interiors which make the iX stand out from the rest of the BMW family. Thanks to the integrated iDrive system and the smart assistant, this BMW can be controlled with one’s own voice and even gestures.

Perfect “footgear” for the Bavarian

An elegantly balanced design and powerful double spokes form the heart of the DEZENT TV. Featuring a load of up to 1050kg and many free-of-registration ECE fitments in the dimensions 16 to 20 inches, it’s the perfect match for vans, transporters, and SUVs. This alloy wheel can also fully showcase its talents when it comes to post-fossil mobility: Here’s looking at you BMW iX. Three designs are available – dark, black, and silver, all offering individual accents in combination with the respective car finish.The BMW iX in our pictures is donning the TV in the dimensions 9x20 inches (tyres: 285/45 R20) both in “dark” and “black”. The colour variation in deep black (DEZENT TV black) stresses the Bavarian make’s elegance while the interplay with the polished front (DEZENT TV dark) enhances the electric SUV’s sporty-dynamic side.

Convincing quality online and offline

You can find out which wheel/car combination matches your palate simply by checking out the DEZENT 3D online rim configurator: With just a few clicks, you can select your favourite design in the preferred colour variation as well as the car model and enjoy the virtual results.Thanks to the premium and innovative 3-layer paint (SRC) the DEZENT alloy wheels are well-equipped to face all seasonal challenges as well as being 100 percent fit for TPMS.