The DEZENT KE dark/black meets
the Mercedes V-Class

With a load capacity of up to 1,350 kilograms, the DEZENT KE is a proven specialist for heavy-duty applications. However, this workhorse doesn't outwardly show its robust durability and pronounced resilience that were the focus of its development. With its bulky and distinctive design, the DEZENT KE clearly displays its strength while also boasting plenty of elegance. The brand-new multi-spoke wheel can ideally showcase its qualities as expressive footwear for the understated elegance of the Mercedes V-Class..

Classy high utility value

With its many options, the Mercedes V-Class is a true all-rounder: whether used as a people carrier, a minivan for the family, a spacious companion for bulky hobbies, or even as a transporter for moving houses – the V-Class handles pretty much everything. The build quality is typically high for Mercedes, with excellent materials and nicely padded surfaces, and the cockpit is as luxurious as that of a passenger car.

DEZENT KE black Mercedes V-Klasse alloy wheels cheap rims wheels
DEZENT KE dark KE black alloy wheels cheap rims wheels

Massive interior, delicate exterior

The centre section with its innovative disc design hints at the strength of the DEZENT KE but is pleasantly contrasted by the aero design with its distinctive outer rings. The phases and humps in the centre section not only add to its visual appeal but also help to reduce weight. Thus, the DEZENT KE with its many VTA/ECE fitments is a timeless and practical companion for many heavy rides. DEZENT's weightlifter is available in sizes ranging from 6.5x16 to 7.5x18 inches and in the dark and black design variants. Our pictures featuring both wheel variants mounted on the V-Class demonstrate how harmoniously they complement the vehicle while each leaving its own visual impression. DEZENT KE wheels in size 7.5x18 were mounted with tyres sized 245/50.

Spoilt for choice, without the agony

Choosing the Mercedes V-Class allows for a wide selection. This begins with three different exterior lengths and two wheelbases, offers various seating options including massage seats with reclining function in the rear, and is available with both air suspension and all-wheel drive. Engine-wise, Mercedes offers a two-litre diesel engine in three power levels of 163, 190, and 237 horsepower, covering practically every application.

Ideal for e-cars as well

Thanks to its high load capacity, the DEZENT KE is also suitable for BEVs or heavy hybrids. In the black version, the powerful design of the KE appears more subtly supportive, while the radiant dark variant with its high gloss, front-polished spokes can be used as a strong contrast and eye-catcher. For other rims and interesting combination possibilities check out the DEZENT 3D configurator.

DEZENT KE dark Mercedes V-Klasse alloy wheels cheap rims wheels