New perspectives with the DEZENT 3D Configurator. Welcome to the
3rd dimension!

We re-invented the online wheel configurator to provide you a high realistic experience during the process of finding the DEZENT wheel of your choice. Now, hundreds of car models can be equipped with chic DEZENT wheels, with users rotating the entire car by 360°. Be it on your PC, tablet or smartphone: WELCOME TO THE 3rd DIMENSION!



3D in super high quality. A configurator experience as never seen before.

Find your DEZENT wheel of choice now in high quality depiction, down to the last detail: different lightsteps, perspectives, dark-light effects, concave surfaces and convex spokes. Realism and smoothness of the 360° configurator are unparalleled.
DEZENT 3D Configurator 360 degree view
DEZENT 3D Configurator Rims


Realistic Wheel depiction from 14” to 21”.

How do the numerous wheels look on my car? Shall it be shiny silver design or matt black? Do the 18 inch wheels with a deep lip fit my car good or should I'd rather decide on wheels with a concave surface in mighty 20-inch? Find out with our new configurator!


Hundreds of car models already available in 3D. More to come!

More than 300 car models, including all the latest cars, with quite a few shades of colour, and all DEZENT alloy wheels are already included in our 3D Configurator. New models will be added successively and until spring 2016 no fewer than 600 cars will be featured!
DEZENT 3D Configurator Cars
DEZENT 3D Configurator Tuned M4


Lowering. Tinted Windows. AMG, BMW M and Audi S line packages included.

The DEZENT configurator also features original tuning packages like Mercedes AMG, BMW M or Audi S line – just add them with one click! Anything else? Well, there are even more features: What about lowering your car or tinting the windows?


Based on profound technical DEZENT knowledge.

The foundation of our configurator are years of experience around the rim, tyres, cars, TPMS systems and a countless number of TUEV approvals stored in our technical database. In the "wheel data" section of our configurator you will find all the technical details to TUEV, ABE, ECE and TPMS and other important information to the individual designs.


DEZENT 3D Configurator Knowledge