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It’s time to carry out that mandatory change of tyres. And while you’re at it, it’s best to have the tyre pressure monitoring sensors checked, too.

Fitting winter tyres goes hand in hand with a TPMS check!

For six years now, tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) have been a mandatory standard feature in passenger cars across Europe. This affects tyre change, e.g. for the upcoming fitting of winter wheels. When temperatures begin to fall it’s time for car owners to fit their cars with winter tyres. What most fail to know: Together with the right tyres, tyre pressure monitoring systems – which have been a mandatory standard feature in newly registered passenger cars since November 2014 – guarantee safety only if they function properly. In some EU member states a non-functional TPM system is considered a major fault in the annual car inspection.

DEZENT TR silver Audi A4
DEZENT TA silver ALCAR Sensor

The main component of TPMS are electronic sensors that permanently monitor tyre pressure when driving, reporting this information to a control unit in the car. In direct measuring systems these include special TPM sensors that are integrated in the tyre or tyre valve while indirect systems use ABS sensors and traction control sensors. These measure the rotational speed of wheels based on which the indirect TPMS calculates the tyre pressure. Regardless of direct or indirect measuring, deviations from the setpoint will be signaled by a warning light on the dashboard. The cause should be inspected instantly and the deviation rectified so that the tyres – the contact surfaces of which are merely postcard-sized – can continue to keep your car safely in lane. For the system to remain functional in the long term, direct measuring TPMS must comply with the following requirements during each change of tyres.

In TPM sensors using metallic valve caps, all parts around the sensor/valve must be renewed as they are particularly prone to ageing and corrosion influences, for example by the sun or road salt. To this end, depending on the sensor, special service kits are available that include all parts needing replacement. In general, these are all gaskets, the valve stem and the dust cap as well as in some cases the screwcap for screwing on the valve. Keeping a watchful eye on regular TPMS care and maintenance of your car is in your own interest. Not least because a non-functional tyre pressure monitoring system is considered a major fault in the annual car inspection in some European countries. This means the inspection plate for roadworthiness will be denied and your car must undergo a fresh inspection. A waste of time and expenditure which can be avoided easily.

ALCAR Sensor
ALCAR Sensor Snap in

TPMS sensors with rubber snap-in valves require the valves to be renewed, as is the case during every tyre change. In general, all motor vehicle workshops are encouraged to carry out a TPMS check during every tyre service on a motor vehicle using a direct tyre pressure monitoring system, documenting the results for the owner of the vehicle. Only if you follow manufacturer’s instructions the ongoing functionality of the tyre pressure monitoring system will be ensured, which eventually results in an effective protection from flat tyres and damages or accidents caused by them.

Tyre pressure monitoring systems in new passenger cars have been mandatory for six years. On the one hand, this means that technology in recent years has improved and, on the other hand, now the so-called replacement phase is about to start, i.e. the batteries will lose their capacity which requires the replacement of all sensors. To simplify this process in workshops, amongst other suppliers, ALCAR has been offering top quality sensors for the aftermarket. They are available at every well-stocked specialist retailer, workshops and car dealerships.


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